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Da wins by elections

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DA wins 2 WC by-elections but loses significant support

da wins by elections
By-elections: ANC lose control of Nkandla, as DA and EFF struggle The results are pouring in from the by-elections held on Wednesday - weve got all the winners and losers here, including an upset

Videos of DA wins By elections

Incumbent Warren Montgomery thrashed challenger Vincent Wynne in the north shores hotly-contested race for 22nd Judicial District Attorney, taking 64% of the vote, complete but unofficial returns

DA wins four out of five by-elections in eThekwini

Ref A: C7DD424A94E541EC92B3554BD718CCA7 Ref B: FRAEDGE1208 Ref C: 2021-01-18T20:37:16Z

South Africa: DA wins Western Cape by-elections, The Times

da wins by elections
Compares the by-election ward winner, party, % votes received and % poll to those of the corresponding Municipal Election. Detailed Results. Shows the candidates, parties, number and % of votes, total valid votes, total spoilt ballots, total votes cast, % spoilt ballots, % poll, and the election winner.

DA wins ward off ANC and retains two wards in Western Cape

DA wins 2 WC by-elections but loses significant support. Not only did the party lose a ward to the African National Congress, but its support also dropped by more than 15% in the wards it won.

DA retains 14 wards during by-elections and wins 2 new wards

Khawe said it must be noted that the DA was the biggest loser in the by-elections. “Whilst the EFF despite the loud noise they make, still can’t win a single ward”.

Electoral Commission : Municipal by-election results

da wins by elections
South Africa: DA wins Western Cape by-elections, The Times (2010) The Democratic Alliance has taken a seat from the ANC in one of two by-election wins in Western Cape municipalities.